Fair Weather Fan

I feel like I am the true depiction of a fair weather fan. One day I may wear a University of Michigan Shirt and another day, maybe Ohio…to all you Michigan fans, I know this is sac religious!

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The thing is, I have some kind of affiliation with each sport shirt I wear. For instance my siblings went to Michigan State, so wearing that shirt makes sense to me; my husband and daughter went to University of Maryland, and thus wearing the red and white shirt makes sense to me as well. For the record, I went to a school where I didnt even know they had a football team, as my husband recently enlightened me that they do.

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I guess part of my issue is that I’ve lived in so many places that I have developed a special place for all of them in my heart. When Carolina plays Alabama, I feel for both teams since I lived in Chapel Hill, NC for a short time and my sister and nephew went to Alabama. Crazy–neon-green colored shirts of Oregon, where my niece went, also is a team that I find myself rooting for on any given day.

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Some would say that I have no loyalty where sports are concerned, and I would probably agree! I don’t see it as a lack of loyalty though as much as a way of feeling connected.

The only true dilemma I have though is when a team from the state of Michigan plays a team from the state of Maryland; this includes college teams and pro teams of all sports: Then my heart is torn because these two states are my true homes; one of my youth and one of my entire adult life, both of equal measure to me.

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So that is when I can become a fair weather fan and enjoy the win from either/or for I will always choose happy, even in a game of competition.

Peace, love and joy

The Neglected Middle Name

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If your middle name happens to be Sterling, Debroh, Michele with one L, Anita, Scott, Carol, Leo, Elaine, Michelle with 2 Ls, Lynn, Beth,John,Christine,Maxine,Lauren,Helga, Grace, Christopher, Neil, Joy, Leonard, Anne or Rumpelstiltskin…chances are you will hardly ever use it except for signing legal documents.

The question isn’t the name itself, but instead, why do we have middle names and how did they come to be?

I recently took a poll with my Facebook friends and asked them to share some tidbits about the history of their middle names.

I found out some very interesting, sentimental and surprising information. One friend still angers to this day about her middle name since it once belonged to her father’s girlfriend. (What nerve!)

Many of us admitted that the only time we heard our middle names were when we were being scolded by one of our parents. (Me included).

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One friend recalled hearing her full name during one of the last sentences ever spoken by her beautiful mother before passing.

Another admitted that she was named after a grandparent’s favorite soap opera star.

Another friend said she was named after a funny cartoon character, (Helga–I will have to ask your mother for the real meaning behind this name- choice) and several were named after dear departed loved ones.

Two of my friends, both with the middle name Joy, greatly appreciated having their name. After all, how can you get angry at someone named Joy? Future parents, remember this.

I also learned the difference between a Jr. and a 2nd, depending on whether the first and middle names were after the father or grandfather.

Even with all of these anecdotes, most would still agree that a middle name is peripheral.


So…Where did they come from and why do we have them? One article from writer, Morgan Cutolo of Readers’ Digest explains that,

“This tradition of multiple names spread over to Western cultures in the 1700s. Aristocrats would give their children long names to show their high place in society.

Spanish and Arabic cultures would give their children paternal or maternal names from previous generations to be able to keep track of the child’s family tree.

But the way we use middle names today originated in the Middle Ages when Europeans couldn’t decide between giving their child a family name or the name of a saint. They eventually settled on naming their children with the given name first, baptismal name second, and surname third. The tradition was spread to America as people started to immigrate overseas.

As time went on people started to stray away from religious middle names and get creative with the second name of their child. A common tradition was making the middle name the maiden name of the mother.”


I’m thinking that the middle name, in many cases, is just one of those traditions that most of us continue to practice but really don’t know why.

I do know that it has been ingrained as part of our ongoing culture though, and now more than ever, we need to feel a strong sense of belonging, bringing us all closer in these harsh times of divide.

Thanks to all my Facebook friends who responded and shared a little piece of their story with the rest of us. 💖

(Others can continue sending me names/stories and I will gladly add them)

Peace and Love,

Renee’ Carol Bennett Raible Glovinsky and Ne’ Ne’

Mama Bear

I’m enjoying the rare opportunity of just “being” with both of my girls for several days!!! Letting go of the role as mama bear and just Observing the beautiful women they have become!😊

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Just in one year my step daughter has become a mother of her own beautiful baby girl while my other two daughters have informed me of their not future- but now- plans of moving on and really moving out for good.

It’s strange that it seemed to happen almost all at once even with their age differences and other variables. But my empty nest Has arrived.

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I do experience moments of sadness but then knowing that they are all happy and doing what they want to do is extremely comforting.

I am trying to enjoy our time together more now than ever because there is far less of it. My mother- in- law from my first marriage used to tell me, “how fast it goes,” when my girls were small enough to hold in my arms. I didnt believe it then at all.

So here we are 20 years later and yes, it did go fast. But there was a lot of amazing living in between all those years!

Now I am looking ahead to the next 20 years with love, anticipation and a knowing that time Is precious and not to be wasted.

Peace and love!

Our Anniversary

Seven years have fluttered past;

If only we could make them last.

You have become my solid ground;

Within our love, I have found.

Dreaming, trusting, knowing that it’s right;

When things get difficult we hold on tight.

Laughter, adventure so much to see;

Life is so much better with us as We!

Love, joy and many more years together!

What Ever Happened?

What ever happened to common courtesy from an interviewer? It’s one thing not to get the position for which you seek, but it’s another thing to receive no further communication following the interview.

If you are fortunate enough to get a rejection or two or three (by email) which believe it or not, some organizations don’t even bother to do that,

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then you can usually count on it being a formulaic two paragrapher telling you how “nice it was meeting you and good luck with your future job search.”

There will not be any corrective criticism even if you request some helpful suggestions. Those days are gone. People are afraid to say anything that may sound like discrimination in any way; may it be age, race, weight (it couldn’t be the latter though, in my field, because almost all of the people on my interviewing panels were no more fit than myself.)

This post has a far different tone than my others but I can reassure you that there will be something positive that comes from it as well. So keep reading…Just a note here that I, too, have been on interviewing panels at times and I always feel for the person who is in the hot seat.

So after applying several times to this one organization, because they constantly have openings in various locations and capacities, I have realized that people who can’t take the time to be real and to give some suggestive advice, aren’t the people for whom I want to surround myself.

I’m sure there are wonderful people within the organization, yet those weren’t the ones holding my professional fate in their hands.

But then I think about fate and how no one holds your fate in their hands but God. You usually don’t know the reason why you didn’t get some opportunity that you knew you were more than qualified for until something more right and more soul-fitting presents itself.

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No matter what though, rejection of any kind hurts. It makes you question yourself and ask those deeper, more personal questions– where the answers to them may end up being very helpful to you– providing that corrective criticism for which you were searching all along.

Peace, Love and Clarity

In God’s Time

Patience. Let’s talk about patience today. How many of you really consider yourself as being a patient person? And if so are you always patient or just in certain circumstances?

I’ll be honest here, I am not usually patient for something that I really, really want. Now if it’s for a doctor or dentist appointment, when I know I have no other pressing engagements for the day, I can be pretty patient, especially when I have my phone or a good book with me and when I know the procedure may cause discomfort, like for instance getting a crown…then I say to the doctor’s staff, “by all means, take your time.”

Some situations are easier to offer patience to than others. When I have gone to a restaurant famished, that’s when my patience has departed. I try not to be unkind with wait staff because I waitressed for many years and all to clearly empathize with them. Yet, my impatience is more internal, removing me from a peaceful, calmer demeanor.

At these times though I very well know that I could have eaten an apple before I arrived to the restaurant and that would have curtailed the hunger or even drank the entire large glass of water set before me.

When I have been job searching in the past, it seemed to take everything I could to get my mind off the final outcome, of either getting hired or not. I would check email several times a day hoping to get a response; one way or the other. Because once you know the results, it’s no longer necessary to be patient.

I think patience is the hardest virtue for most of us. It’s just not natural. You create an idea, you may act on that idea and then you hurry up to Wait.

Very few things in this world give us immediate gratification so when you find something that brings instant pleasure, and is healthy for you, embrace it!

I love gardening, mostly for that reason. From pulling out weeds and dead- heading flowers to actually planting annuals and perennials in full bloom, you are able to create breathtaking masterpieces. (Oh, and not to forget succulents as well)

I still plant vegetable seeds instead of pre-started transplants for the anticipation as well as for my success rate with them. I find that our squash and beans always seemed to do well when planted as seeds.

Being impatient at times, I guess, is not all bad. There is a lot of feeling and emotion attached to a situation which makes you feel uppity. These feelings, in my opinion, are far better than those of indifference and obliviousness.

For these feelings express extreme signs of passion and longing for an outcome; may it be carnal, environmental, external, spiritual or all of the above.

When impatience becomes more of a distraction though and a nuisance, it’s a good time to remember that Faith, which takes no time at all, is your direct connection to a calmer, more patient you.

Peace, Joy and Love

Blog updates and changes

Dear Readers,

Just letting you know that periodically I will go back to my entries and change them, edit them, add or remove pictures etc.

This blog is a work in progress and will eventually be incorporated into my book, “Bagels on Sunday.”

I’m finding that there are always better ways to say things yet I do not want to over edit because this work is meant to be real, in the moment and more conversational than an essay.

Yet, at times, I will make small changes in hopes of not losing the original message or feeling.

Again, I thank you all for your support and positive feedback

Peace and Love